New Magnus Hastings outtake

and with that, it’s time for Katie McGrath Fan & katiemcunf to say our official goodbyes! It’s been fun, challenging and amazing to run my own fansite for the most wonderful geeky actress ever but as my interests have gone from running the site to other things it’s now time for the fun to end. I hope you all enjoyed the site (and as long as it doesn’t get taken down, you can all still enjoy it as I’m leaving it as it is & not removing anything) and thank you all so, so much for all the help and support I’ve received! If you’re not already be sure to follow fy-katiemcgrath & gayforkatiemcgrath for all your Katie needs! Goodbye! <3

New Sunday Independent outtakes

New Merlin series 5 still

New Magnus Hastings outtakes


Katie McGrath: Dracula bts!